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On/Off Power

Control Knob

(‘0’ is power off)

Power ‘On’ neon.

When Flashing, indicates overheat condition reached!

Hot Water demand.

This should illuminate whenever the hot water

tap is turned on.

Heating demand.

Fan Proved neon: Flashing neon indicates

fan or flue fault

Gas valve operation: Flashing neon indicates

low system pressure! (Check pressure gauge)

Gas burning: Flashing neon indicates NTC sensor faulty/broken.

LOCK OUT!: Unsafe condition reached, call someone!

Boiler Mode setting control:

Hot Water Only, or Heating & Hot Water.

In the event of LOCK OUT, turn knob against the tension spring ‘clockwise’ up to the flame sign,          and release.

The most common fault codes for this model:

F.00            NTC Faults.

F.01            NTC Faults.

F.20            Overheat Problem.

F.22            Dry fire, low water in system/Overheat.

F.24            Low water, or Pump failure/blockage.

F.29            Flame extinguished. Fan/flue problem/Gas.

F.28            No ignition/Ignition problem. No gas!

F.60 to F.67

Electronic faults with internal components.

The most common faults for this model:

F.1         No gas, ignition fault, gas valve adjustment,

              Electrode lead defective, Possible flue fault.

F.4         Ignition fault when lit! check as above.

F.5         Overheat fault, overheat stat operated.    

F.6         Flow NTC fault.

F.16       Gas valve fault.

F.17       Check polarity.

F.24       System fault, possible failed pump,

              pump over-run, or air lock.



It is a criminal offence to work on a gas appliance if you are not qualified, and licensed to do so.

ALWAYS consult the manufacturers user instructions for guidance. The instructions above are for guidance only. If unsure of any procedures, call a boiler specialist, who holds the relevant qualifications, and GAS Safe Registration.

The most common faults for this model:

F.00 - F.04 - F.05 - F.10 - F-14 - F.15

All NTC faults of some kind... hard to diagnose, start by changing all NTC’s.

F.20        Overheat tripped

F.21        Flame failure fault

F.22        Low water content

E.11        Appliance blocked, no flow

E.12        Appliance blocked, low system pressure

E.13        Water deficiency, appliance blocked

Ecomax PRO 18/28E

Turbomax Plus 824/828E

Ecomax 828E

TURBOMAX 242/282/1E

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