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Call Mark on 07515-687740 8am-6pm Mon-Sat


I train, assess and approve Plumbers in boiler diagnostics and servicing, as well as the ACS gas qualifications at the National Construction College in Erith, Kent.

Outside of my lecturing duties, I service and repair VAILLANT heating boilers up to 25 years old, including the VCW, ECOMAX, TURBOMAX and ECOTEC models. I carry a large stock of replacement parts on my vehicle ensuring fast and efficient breakdown services.

Fixed Price Promise:

Once I take on a job, I take on the responsibility for the price I’ve quoted.  So even if it takes longer than I thought, your bill won't escalate at an extortionate hourly rate.

I avoid hourly rates, at every opportunity..

I’m an expert at what I do.

I’m a highly qualified and experienced engineer. Clean, well attired, punctual, and I make every effort to cover the surrounding areas to protect your home.

Why use my services?

I won’t rip you off.. And I won’t condemn your appliance after 20 minutes of scratching my chin, and trying to look like I know what I’m doing! I only condemn appliances if they’re dangerous or beyond economical repair. Even then, reluctantly!

London PARKING: Please ensure I can park outside your property for up to 2 hours,

metered parking is NOT acceptable. Thank you

Hello, my names Mark and welcome to Vaillant Service

I’m an ex-Vaillant service technician and I now run my own company delivering high quality boiler services to a clientele based and living in South East, East and Central LONDON.

Watch the video below explaining common faults with your ECOTEC

Watch the video below explaining the F.75 fault with your ECOTEC

Watch the video below about us, and what we do!


For Pre-Booked Appointments

£149.00 + PARTS

What’s included?

There are NO vat charges, we’re NOT vat registered.

No time limit on the visit.

NO charge if I don’t have the part, and have to return.

All repairs on appliance and components.

The fixed charge does not go up, or down, we DO NOT have hourly rates for servicing and repairs.

12 month warranty on all new parts.

Congestion charge.

Whats NOT included.

Repairs outside the boiler.

New replacement parts.



New for Winter 2015/16

Same Day Repairs/Service

£199.00 plus parts

Dependent on availability, volume of calls, weather conditions and postcode area.