If you’ve got a Vaillant, I can fix it!

Or install a new one if required?

Ex-Vaillant Service Engineer

Save 17.5% VAT on service charges: (I don’t need to be VAT registered)

One fixed repair & service charge: £129.00 (no vat)

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Hello, and welcome to my site.

My names Mark, and I’ve been a Gas Service Engineer for the last 31yrs, and a VAILLANT SERVICE ENGINEER.

I worked for Vaillant for many years, and now work for myself carrying out repairs, servicing and installations of Vaillant equipment,

There’s a lot more to my background on the tab above, but I will take this opportunity to say this….

If I’m late, I’ll call you. If I’m stuck in traffic, I’ll call you. If your part hasn’t arrived, I’ll call you.

The one thing I’ll do is keep you informed, and do my utmost NOT to let you down.

I won’t rip you off, or charge you an extortionate hourly rate for driving around London for 3hrs for an elusive spare part you probably don’t need. (Even if it is in 30 minute increments….)

Nor will I condemn your boiler after 20mins of scratching my chin, and trying to look like I know what I’m doing!

I only condemn boilers if they pose a threat to your family’s safety, or it’s beyond economical repair, and even then reluctantly… I do exactly what it says on my tin.

If I can’t fix it, you don’t pay. Simple!

I don’t have hourly rates, just set service charges, so you know exactly how much the bill comes to, before I start. (plus parts of course). If I’m there all day, you pay the same set charge, but a regular coffee supply would be much appreciated though.

Basically, you get what you pay for.

I’m a qualified Gas Service Engineer, NOT a Plumber with Gas Safe Registration. This is my job…. And I’m good at it.

Advice and a chat doesn’t cost a bean, so feel free to drop me an e-mail or I may even be able to fix you up over the phone.

Thanks for the visit,



If you have a problem, drop me a mail,

it doesn’t cost anything,

and I’m always happy to chat,

and I ALWAYS reply. Promise…...

Regards Mark

سلام عليكم

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