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This page is dedicated to proving the use of Filters on new boilers.

This is a service I carried out this week (11th Sept) on an ECOTEC PLUS 418 regular boiler we installed 3yrs ago.

Due to the age and condition of the existing system, we paid a local ‘powerflushing’ company to powerflush the system a week before we installed the new boiler.

I service the boiler every year, and here are the results!

Fernox boiler buddie

This is a FERNOX Boiler Buddie installed in the return pipework above the boiler.

As you can see, it’s full of black magnatite and sludge

Blocked fernox boiler buddie

The filter is easily removed, and you can see the amount of magnatite sludge that has accumulated over a 12 month period

Cleaning a boiler buddie
Opening a boiler buddie
Cleaning the magnet in a Fernox boiler buddie
Rinsing out a Fernox boiler buddie
Rinsing off a fernox boiler buddie
Residue from heating system after cleaning a boiler filter

Just a small fraction of this, would be the ‘Kiss of death’ for this boiler, if it managed to get into the main heat exchanger!

Clean fernox boiler buddie
Reassembled fernox boiler buddie
Clean magnet for a fernox boiler budddie
See through a boiler filter after cleaning
Boiler buddie before and after

It takes a while, but as you can see, it cleans up pretty good, and ready to protect the boiler for another 12 months.

That’s why it’s called a ‘Boiler Buddie’

Where &amp;amp; When
Boiler buddie fernox magnet
Blocked fernox boiler buddie before cleaning
Who are we?
Vaillant ecotec 418 with analyser

Finally, carry out the mandatory safety checks on the boiler, carry out a final Flue Gas Analysis, and the service is complete.

Another quick coffee, and it’s hometime...

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It is a criminal offence to work on a gas appliance if you are not qualified, and licensed to do so.

ALWAYS consult the manufacturers user instructions for guidance. The instructions above are for guidance only. If unsure of any procedures, call a boiler specialist, who holds the relevant qualifications, and GAS Safe Registration.

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