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Well if you’re here, you must have a problem?

The idea of this page is to help you save a few quid, and save me e-mailing photos and instructions for simple faults that can put right without you having to pay a small fortune for someone to fix in a few minutes.

It’s a work in progress, so hopefully I’ll be adding information regularly.

Go here: “Vaillant Boiler Fault Codes” for advice or help if you have an ‘F’ showing in the display.

For example:    F28, F29, F22, F1, F0, etc etc....

There’s a video below on the basic functions of a TURBOMAX, and some photo’s that should help you fill up and pressurise the boiler if you need to.

I apologise now, Leonardo D’Caprio I’m not......

Regards Mark

Vaillant Filling loop taps

Filling the system? or maybe you’ve got an F.22 code flashing in your eyes?

Check the gauge pressure, check the black needle is at least 1/2 a bar, or in the green.

If not, have a look at the photos below, and hopefully you’ll be able to work it out!

Vaillant filling loop taps slotted

Insert the screwdriver head into both valves, and turn 1/4. You should hear water going into the boiler, and the gauge should start to rise.

When you’re in the green, turn both valves off.

Reset the boiler, and if it hasn’t been damaged by dry-firing, you should be up and away.

Some have square heads to turn, a bleed key is an ideal tool..

Some older models may only have one valve!

Vaillant filling loop taps square heads
Made on a Mac
Vaillant ecotec filling loop instructions
Vaillant turbomax pressure gauge


The Ecotec is the best designed loop so far. Really user friendly.

Simply turn the two white tap heads 1/4 turn, and watch the pressure gauge rise into the green section on the gauge, then turn off again.

Make sure you turn them both off, or you’ll lose the hot water supply to your taps!  (Ecotec Only)


The pressure gauge is an absolutely appalling design.

To check the pressure levels, push and release the ‘-’ (minus) button below the digital display, and the pressure reading will displayed for a few seconds..

Anything above 0.75bar should get you out of trouble..

Turbomax Filling Loop  Mechanism:


It is a criminal offence to work on a gas appliance if you are not qualified, and licensed to do so.

ALWAYS consult the manufacturers user instructions for guidance. The instructions above are for guidance only. If unsure of any procedures, call a boiler specialist, who holds the relevant qualifications, and GAS Safe Registration.